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Vex is a 2D arcade games. The game was developed by Amazing Adam. You play as a familiar black stickman. Your task is to try to overcome the dangerous terrain and difficult challenges.

The game is unique with various obstacles. You will have to deal with challenges like blades, deep holes, high walls, skillful jumps between moving platforms to avoid being crushed. The game allows you to jump quite far and you can jump between the walls to reach higher places. The game uses hints with arrows. For example, if the arrow points down, it means that after you go through the marker it will fall down and if the arrow is up, then the point below the arrow will make you jump higher. If you are in the water, try to avoid underwater cameras.

The game also has red flags in each stage, and you need to go through them to turn them into blue flags. Blue flags are the saving points that allow you to continue if you lose in the middle of the road. Try to beat the stage fast to reach the gold, silver or bronze medal.

Vex unblocked

In addition, the game allows you to perform your own challenging stages. Finally, you can also play the sequel Vex 2, Vex 3 ... with new updates and features. In short, the game is an entertaining game, and it is well suited to many people. You will have a positive experience throughout the game. Do not worry if you have to start over again because the game is not really easy for everyone.

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move the character.

Tips and Tricks

You can continue from the nearest save point. You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sounds on/off on the game screen. You can set the game’s quality at Low-Medium-High. You can set the game’s Particles at None-Static-Dinamic.

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