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Strike Force Heroes

strike force heroes

Strike Force Heroes could be a classic shooter game developed by Justin Goncalves, archangel Sleve and Armor Games. If you wish shooters then this can be the sport for you. Strike Force Heroes is exclusive with multiple game modes : Campaign : a mode for beginners. This mode has fifteen totally different stages. Challenges : a tougher mode, conjointly has fifteen totally different stages. Quick Match : pit yourself against different players or computers in an exceedingly style of totally different game modes Each stage on the two 1st modes have totally different terrains and objectives to finish the extent. You have four forms of troopers to settle on which incorporates medic, assassin, commando and tank. every sort of soldier has their strengths and weaknesses, skills and weapons. This game is special as a result of it's level up system in this each time you defeat AN enemy you gain exp, gain enough and you'll level up. You’ll have ten missions that you just should complete so as to urge medals, thus attempt your best to urge all of them. strike force heroes

strike force heroes unblocked

strike force heroes unblocked The game has graphics, sound and misc settings to assist players found out properly so they'll have the most effective expertise. There are different games within the series for you to play like Strike Force Heroes two, Strike Force Heroes three... otherwise you may also play similar games like Storm The House, Sierra, Spurt... Wiki strike force heroes Unblocked How To Play
  • Use W, Up arrow or Space to jump.
  • Hold S or Down arrow to crouch.
  • Use the mouse to aim. Click to shoot.
  • Use Q or Shift to switch weapons.
Tips and Tricks
  1. When your low on health/ammo, try and go find health/ammo pickups to reload.
  2. If your game is running slow, try lowering the graphics in the option.
  3. Observe the stage terrain closely to help you choose the appropriate soldier and weapon combination.

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