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Raze 3 Unblocked

Raze 3 Game

Raze 3 is a 2D action games - immersive online. Multiplayer role-playing game. You will play as a soldier while working with others to survive a fierce battle. The game talks about the alien invasion of the earth in the ashes. Mankind began to build the civilization in the sky while repairing it further on the ground. The military has devised military training programs. You fight with all kinds of enemies including aliens, robots, and even zombies. You need to collect weapons and fight to save the earth.

Raze 3 unblocked

Raze 3 Game Unblocked

The game has 3 main campaigns with up to 45 stages. You will discover many dangerous terrains and different missions in each stage. This game also has a daily challenge system with money rewards to upgrade weapons and equip your character. Games come in a variety of game modes including human and alien campaigns, fast matches, or high-end campaigns.

You will discover up to 50 different weapons, complete 29 achievements, experience 15 skills for use in battle. You will need to do many things to continue to save aliens, robots, and even zombies. Your character can be customized with weapons, costumes, names, equipment, and privileges.

Finally, you need to be sure to check your upgrade screen at the end of each task to help yourself improve. The game promises to bring great addictive and fun experiences.

How To Play

Use WASD or Arrows keys to move. Use left mouse to shoot. Use F or Ctrl to active your sword. Double click to double jump. Use R to reload your weapon.

Tips and Tricks

Save your game whenever you buy new weapons or equipment. Use the sword to deal more damage.

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