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Raft Wars Unblocked

Raft Wars Unblocked

Raft Wars Unblocked could be a turn-base shooter game developed by Martijn Kunst. If you’re an admirer of this specific kind of shooting games then this is often the sport for you. after you commence the sport, you’ll be shocked by the cartoony and kid-friendly trying art vogue. This game series consists a pair of|of two} components consisting of the initial that you're enjoying without delay and also the sequel titled Raft Wars 2. The game itself is a couple of boy named Simon World Health Organization mamma up gold and diamonds on a beach and shortly became wealthy, news is unfold by the media and at identical time, unhealthy guys are trying to steal the boy’s treasure. Your job is to assist the boy beside his brother as they stave off against the unhealthy guys that area unit approaching the beach desperate to steal the treasure.

Raft Wars Unblocked Games

Raft Wars Unblocked Games In every stage, you play with many various styles of unhealthy guys starting from pirates, Vikings, and even the mafias. when every stage, the enemies are equipped with even a lot of advance weapons and that they are place in more durable to hit locations. The characters you management in addition because the unhealthy guys every have a health bar. reckoning on the force and also the angle of your shot in addition because the kind of bullet, the injury can take issue, and if the health bar on either aspect is depleted then your character or the enemy can die. If all of your characters die then you lose, however if all of the enemies die then you’ll have pass the stage. wiki

Raft Wars

Raft Wars  Games Raft Wars Each time you pass a stage, you’ll receive credit Besides that, you’ll conjointly receive bonus points if you succeed these requirements: the {amount|the quantity} of shots unemployed is fewer than needed amount for every stage, pass the stage with the smallest {amount} amount of your time taken doable. you'll be able to use credits to shop for assemblage for yourself like grenades, missiles or to upgrade your raft.

How To Play Raft Wars

This game only requires you to use the mouse. Move the mouse to aim your shot and click the mouse to fire your weapon. Tips and Tricks
  1. Shooting the bad guys into the water is the fastest way to defeat them.
  2. Grenades that drop into the water will not explode.
  3. Use missiles and grenades to cause more damage.
  4. The hippos in the middle of the sea will block and redirect your shots.

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