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Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2 a pair of is that the long expected sequel to the wonderful original title. you are taking management of a cute baby WHO has lost his treasure - a wealthy person has designed a waterpark over our heroes treasure and you would like to fight your approach through the park to regain it! This game is similar to Angry Birds and you want to management the angle, direction and strength of our heroes weapon. Raft Wars 2 During every level you've got a particular objective to complete and a target to require out - use the mouse to aim your weapon and alter it flight so use the left click button to fireplace. At the top of every level you'll purchase upgrade and new weapons like hand grenades, missiles and armor. are you able to fight your approach through the waterpark and take what's truly yours?

Raft Wars 2 Unblocked

Raft Wars 2 Unblocked a pair of is that the sequel to the current turn-base shooting games series developed by Martijn Kunst. If within the initial game you were having hassle enjoying then within the sequel, there square measure some attention-grabbing updated options. the sport currently remembers the force and angle of your previous shots which can assist you aim a lot of exactly consequent time you shoot. Adding to it is that the new weapon that shoots three bullets at a time in conjunction with helmets that may scale back the quantity of injury that you simply take. Raft Wars 2 unblocked This game talks regarding the time once Simon had mammary gland up the gold associated diamonds on the beach of an island and had determined aboard his brother to briefly bury the treasure and travel round the world. half dozen months later, once the brothers come back to capture the treasure, they need found that a water park has been build right wherever they’ve bury the treasure. Your job is to assist the Simon brothers defeat all the enemies that square measure within the means and obtain the treasure back. In this sequel, you’ll bully off against opponents like the naughty boys, the protection guards, the coaches... and also the locations that you simply ought to undergo within the water park consists of swimming pools, skate parks... Every time you clear a stage, you’ll receive gold. If you had pink-slipped fewer shots than the minimum variety needed then you’ll receive a lot of gold and with each enemy you defeat, you’ll additionally receive gold. this implies that albeit you lost that stage, you’ll still get gold if you defeat the enemies. You can additionally play similar games like Forest Wars, King troopers a pair of... wiki

How To Play Raft Wars 2

This game only requires you to use the mouse. Move the mouse to aim your shot and click the mouse to fire your weapon. Tips and Tricks
  1. Shooting the bad guys into the water is the fastest way to defeat them.
  2. Grenades that drop into the water will not explode.
  3. Use missiles and grenades to cause more damage.
  4. You can turn the music on/off on the game screen.

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