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CS Portable (Counterstrike)

CS Portable

CS Portable  is a 3D action game online. The game is played with a great web browser, and it is built from the idea of Counter-Strike. You will choose the map and decide between the terrorists or the counterattacks. You will use weapons and ammunition to control your soldier. In single-player mode, you can add Bots to speed up damage, and enjoy the fun of the game of memory. cs portable counterstrike games You will fight the zombies, soldiers and join the war with your sniper teammates. CS will have three modes of play: a massive zombie attack; choose to play with friends or with people on the internet; Shoot down computer troops and monsters without human intervention. Also, you get money from every opponent killed to buy new combat gear in a fully stocked shop.

CS Portable Counterstrike Games

The game is great, and it brings a great online experience. Live view with 3D perspective, shocking sound effects. All this combined, gives you great excitement when fighting. You easily choose between single mode and multiplayer mode. on shooting games In a nutshell, the game will bring a great experience to one of the most popular shooters in the world. In particular, you do not need to install anything because this version is absolutely free and online. Also, you will not notice much difference between the classic and online versions of the game. Surely whether you choose terrorism or terrorism is fun. Moreover, you can play other modes, for example with zombies. Quickly pick a map, choose your side (terrorists or villains) and shoot down enemies, and enjoy the fun.

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