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Bad ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked

Bad Ice Cream unblocked is an interesting and fun Arcade games 2D game. You must control your Ice Cream to avoid enemies and pick up enough fruit to complete the level. Each enemy has different skills and you only have 2 minutes to complete each level. You also have the ability to create ice to stop enemies or break ice near you to escape from them. The game supports two-player multiplayer modes: co-op with your friend to end the game as quickly as possible to score the best or play as a contest between the two. Blow the ice wall to block the enemies in this exciting two-player arcade game. Do not forget the goal of collecting the fruits without catching the monsters. If you work well as a team, you can pass the level more easily.

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked Games

You will have many interesting moments with this exciting game. Bad Ice Cream Unblocked Games, You can play this game alone or with your friends together. you click the "Play" button from the main menu, then you select the number of players, cream colors, and chapters. The game has 40 different levels, and you have to finish one by one. You use the keys "W, A, S, D" or "Arrow keys" to navigate. You can break or create new ice blocks whenever you want with the "F", "Enter" or "Space" keys. Do not forget the task of trying to pick up all the fruits without being caught by your enemies.

Bad ice Cream Games

Enjoy eating the fruit in many interesting chapters. A fun and entertaining game. There are also other games in the series that you can play like Bad Ice Cream 2, Bad Ice Cream 3 ... or you can also play two similar players like Fireboy and Watergirl, Get On Top ... Wiki How To Play Player 1 use the Arrow keys and Player 2 user the WASD keys to control the Ice Cream. Player 1 creat or break the ice with “Space” key and player 2 is with the “F” key. Tips and Tricks You can pause, on/off music or sould in the match. Break the ice to creat the way to pick up fruit but don’t meet the enemy. Creat ice to block enemy when they come near you.

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